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    Question Synapse 25 with two 13" laptops

    Does anyone have any experience using the Synapse 25 mainly as a daily carry with two 13" laptops? I'm on the fence as to which bag will fit my needs. This would be my first Tom Bihn's product so I don't have any experience with the bags other than reading. While doing some research, multiple places pointed me here regarding the Brain Bag as a good two laptop choice. However, after reading some posts on the here it seems like it might be overkill for my needs. I prefer the look of the Synapse, however that isn't as big a factor as having extra dead space/weight. I've seen recommendations for the Western Flyer as well, however again this might be overkill for my daily carry needs.

    What I take with me to work:
    HP EliteBook 830 (13"): 12.20" x 9.02" x 0.70 ; 2.9 lbs
    MacBook Pro (13", Mid 2012) : 12.78 x 8.94 x 0.95 ; 4.5 lbs
    Bose Headphones case: 7.87" X 6.89" X 2.13"
    Assortment of smaller cables
    Extra Alfa network card
    Small Logitech mouse
    Water bottle
    Macbook Magsafe power supply and/or HP power supply (when traveling only)

    My height: 5'10''

    My tentative purchase:
    Synapse 25 (Halcyon/Halcyon > lighter weight + preventive measure against my long hair cat)
    2 x Cache (one for each laptop)
    Large Snake Charmer (cables, network card, possibly power supply when traveling)

    I guess I'm most concerned with whether the two ~13" caches with laptops will fit together in the main pocket. Thank you!

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    While I've never used two caches in my s25 at the same time I have definitely carried two 13inch laptops and then some (One in a cache, the other in a laptop sleeve placed in the interior kangaroo pocket). Sounds like your load would be a great fit for the s25 and you will still have room left over to carry other things that might normally be in your pockets in the side and front pouches.

    What size is your water bottle? While the s25 certainly fits most 1liter bottles it may be more realtistic to carry a 20oz or smaller if using the actual water bottle pocket while having the bulk of two laptops and a headphone case in the main compartment. In my experience when you make full use of the main compartment the water bottle compartment shrinks a bit.

    Hope you enjoy your new purchase, I have been a long time s25 user and am considering switching to a Western Flyer as my daily carry has shrunk a bit and I prefer the briefcase syle carry option. If you were at all considering the tri-star for your edc needs, don't. I test drove one once and it seems like it would make for the perfect business travel one bag but seemed quite a bit too bulky for edc or commuting in my opinion.

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