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    S25 stained top center front pocket

    I've discovered some stains in the top center front pocket of my Synapse 25. I've been racking my head and narrowed the cause down to a metal bottle of hot water that might have melted something or the ink from a roll of newspaper, but I can't be certain.

    It looks something like this.

    S25 stained top center front pocket-img_20181228_180311-jpg

    S25 stained top center front pocket-img_20181228_180236-jpg

    S25 stained top center front pocket-img_20181228_180032-jpg

    S25 stained top center front pocket-img_20181228_180020-jpg

    So far, I've tried alcohol swabs and baking soda to no avail. I'd appreciate if any member could share the experience of removing a similar stain from the halcyon fabric?


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    I have a stuff sack in the old Dyneema that has stains on the inside surface (I had put gym workout gloves in there that created black marks on the inside). I have tried Dawn and Goop without any success. Only thing I didn't do is use a little brush to scrub it a little.

    Would be great to hear any input/advice for the OP. I'm curious myself.
    I tried doing a Tom Bihn forums search to no avail.

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