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    Ristretto vs. Coffee tumblr

    Hey, everyone! First time posting. I bought a Medium Cafe Bag a few months ago for commuting and I absolutely love it. I wanted a smaller bag to keep my overall carry to work small. And for that, it works wonderfully.

    I do, however, need to bring my laptop to work once in a while, and have thought about getting a Ristretto as well for those days. Here is my big question, though.

    The Medium Cafe Bag is just big enough to hold my 20 oz Contigo coffee tumbler. If I have a laptop in a Ristretto, will there still be enough room in that bag for a coffee tumbler as well? Because the photos I see, it doesn't look like it.

    Thanks for your help!

    Somewhere in NJ

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    No idea on the Ristretto, as I donít have one, but for information purposes, I can Ďjustí fit one in the large back pocket of my Daylight Briefcase (standing up). And of course, it fits wonderfully in my Pilot, but the DLBC is probably closer in size to the Ristretto for comparison for you.

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    I have the Ristretto so I put my MacBook Air in and a Zojorushi 16 oz mug (a little smaller than that Contigo) and the mug slides in nicely.

    That said, the MBA is pretty thin; with the mug there is room for a modestly filled small Snake Charmer next to it. No mistake, the bag is full at that point. For point of reference I use the Ristretto when I go to client meetings and carry an iPad Pro 12.9” -no keyboard-, a small Levenger notebook and some print materials.

    Hope that helps.
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    Easy fit. I have a 16oz stainless tumber that is about 3 1/4" diameter and it's no problem at all. Here's a pic of it in my Ristretto along with a 3DOC and the new forum gift:

    Ristretto vs. Coffee tumblr-img_1659-jpg

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