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    My TB bag came yesterday and I immediately did a quick test pack and wanted to share an update! I ended up going with the A30 because I like to fly budget airlines and thought the smaller size would be safer as a carry on. Luckily, it still has all the TB magic and fit my sleeping bag (in a compression sack), a large Eagle Creek packing cube, a small stuff sack, a 3D organizer, and a small packing cube.

    Sleeping Bag + 11 Days in Africa in 7kg - A45 or A30?-img_2069-jpg

    I also tested and I can actually move the small packing cube and 3D organizer to the side pocket, which would let me put another large packing cube inside. Weight will still be tight, but space-wise, I am in awe of TB!!! Thank you to all of you for your guidance!

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    Great! Good to know. The bags are amazing. Have a great trip! (ps did you try stuffing the sleeping bag into one of the side pockets? I bet it would fit...

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