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    Question Packing Cubes for Road Buddy 60

    What are the best packing cubes for the RB 60? I'm going to order the RB 60 once they're back in stock, hoping for Verde. Thanks!
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    The RB60 is HUGE. Any packing cube will fit with lots of room to spare.

    I have the RB36 and the A30 packing cubes were a bit small for it. The A45 packing large packing cube is a bit too big for it. The Eagle Creek Specter packing cubes fit great because they are rectangular, and so is the center portion of the RB36. That said, the RB60 will swallow any of these packing cubes and still leave room for more, so you can pick anything that matches your packing style.
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    You find some information on using packing cubes with the RB60 in this post by Eric T. And in this posting Darcy answered your question - among many others - similar to what BWeaves just said: Especially the RB60 is such a large bag that you can make any packing cube work.
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