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    Wow, there's some great information in this thread. I've been researching a Tristar to replace the cacophony of bags I currently use for business travel and I've found this so useful. I had no idea the A30 internal frame would fit the Tristar!

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    Hi @Tony G, @Pna, and Others,

    When the frames sheets and hip belts for the Aeronaut debuted in June 2018, there was a lot of interest in whether these frame sheets and/or associated hip belts could be used in other bags -- both travel bags such as the Tri-Star and Western Flyer, and backpacks like the Smart Alec. (Actually, there were a number of different threads about using the Aeronaut frame sheets with the Smart Alec).

    The forum mods, who had access to the frame sheets, answered questions about this, and if you read through the A45 Frame in the SA or WF? thread that @nimikor started, you'll see @maverick's answers (and photos) about using these frame sheets with other travel bags, including the Western Flyer in the thread title, and my answers about using the frame sheets with the Smart Alec,

    I didn't post a link to that thread in the earlier discussion here, because you may notice that in the initial response in the linked thread, @maverick mentioned he used the A45 frame sheet for the Tri-Star, while in the present thread the recommendation is to use the Aeronaut 30 frame sheet with the Tri-Star. The A30 frame sheet is the size that I personally felt worked better for the Tri-Star, but I didn't know whether that was simply due to my height (5'4" compared to @maverick's 5'8"), so I didn't comment on that (and I agreed that the A30 frame worked for the Western Flyer, which was the other bag that was being asked about). The only (veiled) reference to possible differences in optimal frame selection is in my comment in the last post (#9) that the ideal frame sheet fit to the curvature of your back for the Smart Alec or any other travel bag (I was thinking explicitly about the Tri-Star, though I didn't say it) might depend on the individual (including their height).

    Anyway, @Tony G, one of the benefits of delurking is that you can ask your own specific questions of interest. So welcome to the forums.


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    Thanks moriond for that wonderfully useful post. I (hungrily) read the other thread about he internal frames.

    I’m a large guy, so I’m leaning towards the A45 frame to suit my back. According to it’s measurements, it should just about squeeze into a Packing Cube Backpack (the Tristan model). Has anyone tried that? I think it may be the perfect way to add a little rigidity, and keep the pack from sticking to your back in warm climates.

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    I just traveled with my tristar and s19 for 7 days. In the tristar I had 2 pairs of pants, 1 pair of shorts, 2 tshirts, a windshirt, 3 dress shirts, 7 each of socks and underwear, toiletries bag, 1 pair of shoes. I keep my ipad and computer in the s19 along with their chargers, ear phones and some other small misc stuff (this is my usual daily bag when I carry one) mostly because it is already all in there and because it fits under the airplane seat so I have easy access to it. I probably could have fit everything into the tri-star. It easily fit into the airplane baggage over the seat holder except for the one flight on a tiny regional jet where they took all carry on bags that would not fit under the seat and put them in the regular baggage bin with the checked luggage. And it might have fit in the over head bins there - but the airline was not letting anyone put anything in there for that one flight.
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    Finally, some news! My Tri-Star arrived fairly quickly at home after my order, it was perfect to have the time to try it and prepare it for my holidays.
    First impression was: what a beauty! I immediately liked its appearance, its touch, its manufacture.
    The packing cubes are I think almost indispensable, in any case they greatly facilitate the use of the bag, and they are a pleasure to use. I took them in purple because I love this color. ;D

    I packed in the Tri-Star:

    2 pants
    1 sweater
    3 (4?) Shirts
    1 shirt with short sleeves
    3 t-shirts
    1 shorts
    1 superlight jacket
    6 x underwear and socks
    1 towel
    Toiletry kit + some wipes and litte stuff
    iPad mini + tiny music instrument.
    2 medium equipment pouches
    (but no macbook or computer)

    and I left for Vienna by train for two weeks!
    (with a washing machine in the airbnb happily!)

    It was a great pleasure to use it, and very nice to wear it on my back, with the hands free without any other bag! (just a kind of little moneybelt, not very pretty but surprisingly so practical.)
    I'm thinking of buying a better waistbag to pair it with the Tri-Star. (only one backpack at a time!)

    The "problem" is that it's so beautiful that I do not want to put it on the floor or damage it! ; D

    The most difficult for now is to know how to pack it perfectly.
    The front pockets are really for very flat things. Papers, wipes, ...
    I used the bottle pocket for other various things.

    You should not look too big with this bag, and then it can contain everything you need. It is a good thing.

    My biggest difficulty was with the small or medium equipment pouches. I was first hoping I could put them in the horizontal pockets, but it's not possible. So I put them in the central compartment (because I did not have my macbook, with a computer, it would be more complicated. Same with the toilet bag which was also in the central compartment ...)
    No doubt I will find a better organization over time ..!

    Thanks again for this thread, the pleasure to discuss and the discovery of all these tips.

    Some photos for fun! :

    Questions and hoping help about the Tri-Star-img_3983-jpeg
    Questions and hoping help about the Tri-Star-img_3986-jpeg
    Questions and hoping help about the Tri-Star-img_3993-jpeg

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    I have used the tristar for leisure almost since it was released.
    I find it perfect for me.
    I use the centre area which is meant for a laptop for a folder with a few dressier shirts. Also can easily fit in a pair of flip flops, and other smaller items. I use the front two sections one for swimwear, sock and underwear. The smaller side I can put a pair of sandals easily.
    The travel cubes are perfect for this bag.
    What I find I donn't use too much are the outside pockets. I use one for my 3-1-1 bag and the others just for smaller lose items.

    I have thought about changing bags often and never do as I love how it holds its shape even if you pack it bulging.

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