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    Internal organization of the HLT pouch

    Hello, all. I have a wonderful HLT in a size 2, and I shared a short overview in the review forum. Everything about it almost works, but I'm struggling with how to use the interior non-elastic webbing, and even my elastic webbing is rather loose so my tools (pens, pencils, ruler, knife, etc) keep slipping out both of these areas. I trust the big brains at TB so I might not be using/packing/stuffing these loops the correct way, so I'm looking for ideas on how to secure small and/or narrow things like the above mentionables inside the HLT. Any tips???

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    Maybe a pic of what you're trying to secure? I'm sliding two pens through the slots (they also have their clips to help secure them), and the top-most non-stretchy slot holds my "chapstick" perfectly

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