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    Question about Waist Strap attachment loops on Synik 22?

    So in my continued search for the "perfect" bag, I've somehow ended up looping back to the Syniks again. I had a Synik 30 for a brief period of time but ended up parting ways with it for a couple of reasons that just started adding up. One of the small nitpicks I had about it was that the hip belt attachment loops sort of poked into my flanks because it was sewn just inside the lower attachment point of the shoulder strap so it was always jutting out perpendicularly into my flank when I was wearing the bag. You can read about that in my previous post here.

    Looking at the Synik 22 page, I noticed that the website description states: "Worth noting: we slightly lowered the waist strap attachment point on the Synik so that it better fits a wider range of heights (and tall folks in particular.)"

    Is that a new update? I very well could have missed that part the first time the bag came out, but I was curious where exactly the attachment loops are on the S22? I've been trying to look for photos online, but can't find much [plus the black on black coloring makes it very difficult for me to figure out what's going on].

    Could anyone with a S22 share a photo of where the waist strap attachment loops are and how it lies? Like are the attachment loops flush with the back panel [for example, on my Cafe bag, the attachment loops lie flat, parallel to the back panel, so they dont bother me] or do they jut out? TIA
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