As I was playing with the Q-AM strap on the LCB, I quickly realized that I would snap it a lot (very used to sternum straps) to make the bag ride more comfortably at a distance. But when unstrapped, the clip would just hang there. Now many might say "snap it to the other side of the waist belt". But, then the other side is just hanging there uselessly when the third-leg is engaged. So, I quickly noticed a way to (1) not lose the other side of the waist belt while (2) putting it to good use. I present a way to not only tidy up the third-leg when not engaged, but by happy accident, secure the back slit on the LCB. Yes, I have the large organizer pouch folded over. It's just so tall! I'm hoping that if I keep the bag, the LOP's clear side can tolerate the folding.

Cafe Bag: Secure the third-leg of Q-AM Strap (and the back slit)-dsc01910-jpg
Detach the female end of the waist belt, loop the clip around the handle, and secure. Tighten the strap as shown, and tuck the remainder into the back slit

Cafe Bag: Secure the third-leg of Q-AM Strap (and the back slit)-dsc01911-jpg
When the third leg isn't in use (i.e.: the male part of the waist strap that create the sternum strap on the Q-AM), simply click to it's counterpart attached to the handle. Much shorter dangle by default! And, a secured back slit!

Hope this helps someone out