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    Question Backpack for University?

    I am looking for a backpack for university and I can not make my mind up.

    I am in Nursing so I need to carry a lot of heavy text books and the bag I have now is not cutting it.

    What would like to fit:

    - 2-3 texts books
    - Binder
    - Laptop MBP + cords
    - Pencil Case
    - Lunch Bag
    - Water Bottle
    - Scrubs
    - A bit of extra room for the random stuff (Jacket, nursing kit, etc)

    Its a huge campus so it needs to be somewhat comfortable (if possible with the text books Mad)

    Any suggestions? THANKS!Wink

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    The answer probably depends on the kind of organization you want. Big black hole where you add your own organization, if any? Smart Alec. Compartments for the water bottle, scrubs, jacket, etc? Synapse 25. A bit more room and organization? Brain Bag. BB and SA you can also cinch down to stabilize your load. Minus the scrubs, I carry a similar load in the SA and have it cinched with plenty of room on top for a jacket (nevermind attaching it to the outside bungies if desired as well). At this point, I think it may be more of an aesthetic issue for you =)

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