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    Use a paracord loop to make larger O-rings

    In cases where the O-rings inside your TB bags are not quite large enough, you can either snap on a carabiner, or make an even lighter and simpler attachment using a piece of 550 paracord.

    The idea is to take 10 or so inches of paracord, fold it in half, and tie a stopper knot at the end. The loop slips down through the O-ring, with the stopper preventing it from going through all the way. You can clip things onto this larger loop, which is small enough to accept Nite Ize's size-0 plastic s-biners, for example.

    As for the stopper knot, I use a simple variation of an overhand knot. It makes a somewhat attractive stopper just large enough that it can't fit through the O-ring hole. Here are the steps (tied in some larger cord so you can see it more clearly):

    Here's is the final result inside my Side Effect:


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    Great idea and thanks for the nice photos with detail on how to tie the knot.

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    Awesome idea! Thanks for the detail, nice pics! This will be very helpful I think to "lengthen" in effect the 8" key strap. With the Synapse 25, I find my pouches attached to the 8" key strap find their way behind my 13" Mac Air's cache on rails, bothering my comfortable carry. This kind of a set up with the length of papacord will slightly lengthen the 8" keystrap and small pouch to a slightly longer length giving the whole setup more "play". I find that a longer key strap is too long. Thanks for the wonderfully simple solution to my problem. Simple ideas are always the best!

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