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Thread: Id coming back?

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    Id coming back?

    I have an Id from 2005, and while it's going strong, I loved the updates to the new one, be it the simple design changes to the water bottle holder + cell phone pockets. And I really had my eye on the navy variant of it.

    The product page says its on backorder in all colors... but it doesn't come up when I look for messenger bags, I have to specifically search for it. This makes me nervous that it's not coming back! Is it? And in multiple colors?

    Also very sad the Imago retired. I have one in navy/cork and it's my everyday bag. People often ask about it, but now I can't tell them where to buy it! Alas it won't fit the 15 rMBP, so I'm looking to upgrade the id =)

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    There was another post on this as well but I cannot find it. But, from the last announcement on backorders, there was no talk of discontinuing the ID:

    Give the TB customer service a phone call to see if there is one still in stock - sometimes there is a return available.

    Hope this helps

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    I hope the ID is not discontinued. I have been using mine since the beginning of the year. It holds a lot, including a 15" MBP Retina + accessories, full size headphones in case, compact camera, phone, sunglasses, gps,....and lunch. I also added a Side Effect-like bag attached via keystrap for additional organization. I prefer it to a backpack since it is freestanding, and I have convenient access to its contents as needed. Having gone through quite a few lesser messenger type briefcases, this is the ONE in terms of style, functionality, and durability.

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    I've always been backpack guy, but now looking for more formal bag, like briefcase-messenger style. ID will be perfect choice and am waiting for back in stock alert.

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    I really would not worry! The Superego is sold out and missing from the page, too. It strikes me as highly unlikely that they're discontinuing all of these bags; I think they're just off frying the bigger fish. Think it'll be a while before the messengers get back on the shelves, though.

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    You can access their product pushes directly via some Google Fu. On those pages they show the back order notice and notification sign up.

    By comparison, truly discontinued products specifically state they are discontinued when you visit their old product pages. Google the Tom Bihn Buzz or Imago

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