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Hi Lani,

A slight improvement on your suggestion is to use a medium size Double Organizer Pouch in place of the medium Dyneema/nylon Organizer Pouch to place in the diagonal front zippered pocket of the 200d Dyneema PCSB. Because there are two layers in the Double Organizer Pouch -- a top clear layer and a second layer for the pouch behind separated by cloth -- the stiffening action is even better. On top of that, having the two compartments is even handier for holding and separating your travel documents. You can have boarding passes, tickets, or itinerary lists (anything that benefits from being able to quickly view through the clear Urethane window) on top, and other travel documents like passports or a few emergency currency bills in back. Or, if you write postcards while you travel, you can put the blank cards and stamps in front, and the ones that you've completed and stamped for mailing in back. There are lots of other possibilities, including using part of pouch for an emergency first aid kit. For other ideas, check the blog post on taminca's many uses of the Double Organizer Pouch and its associated links to the longer forum thread.

BTW, Darcy recently started two threads related to this topic: one for great hacks and creative uses and a second one for "best of forum" information summaries and helpful posts. The first idea about using a medium double organizer pouch in a PCSB is one of the items listed in the great hacks and creative uses thread, and the second thread about a summary of uses for the double organizer is pouch is one of the items in the "best of forum" information summaries and helpful posts.

Here's a recap with links to these threads and their opening posts:

Share Your Bag Hacks/Creative Uses

Share Your Links: Best of the Forums

Maybe we should add the following information about the PCSB (and PCBP) in 400d Dyneema to the second thread. @Lani, I'm going to point you to @bchaplin's New packing cube shoulder bags thread from early May 2014 to get you up to speed. The thread starts with a closeup picture of the 400d Dyneema PCSBs in Nordic and Black (contrasted with an Iberian 200d PCSB), and in post #3, gives a link to Darcy's announcement post explaining why they decided to do a one-time, special run of these accessories in 400d Dyneema because they ran out of their stock of 200d Dyneema, and that would not be restocked until their custom orders could come in.

I'll add to that information, by stating that @Moosezilla's post (#50 in that thread) shows PCSBs in 400d Black, Steel, and Nordic Dyneema:

(I won't excerpt the closeup pictures that show the steel is really 400d and not 200d Dyneema; you can read the post for further information). Now, if you're a careful reader, you'll note that 400d Steel Dyneema was not mentioned in Darcy's linked post about the special run of PCSBs. And I checked by phone with the store 4 times during their production run to ask if they were making any 400d Steel PCSBs and was told, "No", each time. But, apparently the sewers did make some (and this didn't get back to the sales staff, who were uniformly denying this, since it wasn't planned). So, if you're looking for even rarer "unicorns", have at it!


Swoon. I too wanted, and inquired about the Steel 400d PCSB. So very sad I never got one.