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    How can I confirm I bought an A45 off of eBay?

    I recently bought a used A45 off of eBay but it doesn't seem to line up with the current A45. This one has internal expansion snaps, no zip through compartments, & seems to be a tad smaller than what is currently listed as the A45's dimensions.

    How can I confirm that this is an A45 & not an A30?

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    One possible way is that the A30 started being released with the zippers in the standard orientation (visible teeth). The newly redesigned A45s also have this feature, but older A45s have the flipped "stealth" zippers. Others who have the A45 can chime in on more distinct features that will help you figure it out. What color combination did you get? That might help too, to figure out what was offered in A45 vs. A30.

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    The version you have is the original version of A45. The A30 only comes with zippered internal dividers so your bag cannot be an A30. Basically, when the A30 came out as a smaller version of the A45, Tom updated the design with some changes including the internal zipper dividers instead of the A45 snaps. Then, shortly afterwards, those A30 changes were applied back to the A45 creating the updated current version with the snaps being replaced with internal zippered dividers. There are pros and cons to the 2 versions. I have the original like you and do not find the changes enough to update my A45 - YMMV. The size is the same between original and current version of A45. See the below links to see what the design changes were with the A30 and the updated A45.

    Aeronaut 30 Introduction

    Aeronaut 45 Update Announcement

    I find @itsablur video comparing the original A45 you have and the A30 very useful.

    Itsablur's review of A30 vs A45

    Hope this helps

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