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    Thanks Cristina!

    Thanks Cristina!
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    Tri-Star Packing Cube Backpack

    Hi all - Does anyone know if the Tri-Star Packing Cube Backpack would fit into the Aeronaut 45? I know that there is an Aeronaut 45 packing cube backpack, but I like the design of the Tri-Star one...
  3. Hi @hi1wendee! I ended up keeping the S19. I do...

    Hi @hi1wendee! I ended up keeping the S19. I do think the S25 is the more versatile size, since I can imagine using it for travel, and it seems a better size for grad school (as you pointed out). ...
  4. Thank you to everyone! I ended up purchasing the...

    Thank you to everyone! I ended up purchasing the S19 so I can do another test pack and compare the two....
  5. Does a water bottle fit in the side pockets of the Synapse 19?

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to decide between the Synapse 19 and the Synapse 25. I just bought,received, and test packed the Synapse 25 in Burnt Orange, and I love it so far - but just want to make sure...
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