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  1. Replies

    Thank you everyone who replied. Your links,...

    Thank you everyone who replied. Your links, photos, and descriptions have helped tremendously. Think I’m going to go with a size 3 in Iberian! :)
  2. Replies

    Stuff Sack Question

    Hello and Happy Friday TBers,

    I would like to purchase a stuff sack (or 2) but Iím not sure of the sizing. For those of you that have them
    and use them, can you share the size you have and what...
  3. Thank you for your replies and insights. I am...

    Thank you for your replies and insights. I am leaning toward keeping the s25 so I'll focus on the s19 second hand. I have found some perfect second hand bags only to find I am a day late and a...
  4. Opinions- Synapse 19 vs 25 Second Hand/Trade

    Hello everyone,

    I currently have a brand new s19 and a s25 in aubergine. I have to send one back and am still trying to decided which one... UGH- the struggle is so very real as everyone here has...
  5. Replies

    Question about colors...


    I am new to TB and obsessing over just about everything... I made the mistake of looking at the Synapse colors on only my phone and missed that I really like the Nordic 400/Northwest Sky...
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