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  1. S25 and F-Stop Gear Small ICU.

    Started by brennanphotoguy, Yesterday 02:46 PM
    backpack, bag, camera, carrying, cube, day, flops, gear, i値l, i知, laptop, mexico, outfit, point, pretty, s25, save, shirts, space, stuff, swim, that値l, toiletries, travel, traveling, trunks, wear, won稚, work, wrapped
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    Last Post: Yesterday 02:46 PM
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    Last Post: 08-16-2018 03:18 PM
    by eaganj346  Go to last post
  2. Best bag for protecting kindle paperwhite?

    Started by happig42, 08-15-2018 08:56 AM
    bag, fit, good, keys/etc, kindle, options, overkill, padded, paperwhite, passport, pouch, protect, protecting, recommendations, scratches, sleeve, sleeves, thread, wondering
    • Replies: 3
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    Last Post: 08-15-2018 12:59 PM
    by marytattoo  Go to last post
  3. Replacing Purse with Medium Cafe Bag?

    Started by nolegrl, 08-15-2018 07:48 AM
    area, bag, bagallini, big, bit, cafe, carry, case, cell, compartment, ideally, incorporating, large, larger, main, makeup, medium, phone, purse, purses, room, samsung, separate, small, squished, stuff, switch, tote, tulum, wallet
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    Last Post: 08-15-2018 01:09 PM
    by marytattoo  Go to last post
  4. S25 vs SA

    Started by Robw, 08-15-2018 01:09 AM
    awkward, backpack, bag, carry, completely, find, framsheet, front, great, halcolyn, i知, lightweight, main, makes, orgnanisation, pack, packed, practical, s19, s25, situations, slim, slips, solved, space, takes, things, travel, ultimate
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    Last Post: 08-16-2018 03:27 AM
    by Amy G  Go to last post
  5. Cache with a strap

    Started by stuart, 08-14-2018 02:09 AM
    a30, bag, bulky, cache, carry, carrying, check, crumpler, delight, edc, fit, form, inside, laptop, light, looked, occasionally, pack, pcsb, shoulder, sleeve, small, strap, toronto, train, trip, week, work, works, zips
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    Last Post: 08-14-2018 08:46 AM
    by G42  Go to last post
  6. personal item debate: stowaway vs cadet

    Started by sdophoto, 08-12-2018 07:12 PM
    back, backpack, bag, bags, cadet, camera, carry, coming, debate, debating, feature, flight, functional, genius, item, looked, osprey, ozone, pack, partner, personal, spot, store, stowaway, travel, tristar, type, wheeled, wondering, zipped
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 398
    Last Post: Yesterday 04:00 PM
    by cazique  Go to last post
  7. A45 Internal Frame

    Started by skipper, 08-10-2018 06:54 PM
    a30, a45, back, bag, big, causing, cheers, choices, experience, frame, full, hold, internal, love, owned, packed, pretty, reviews, shape, sloppy, thinking, uncomfortable, wasn稚, wondering
    • Replies: 10
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    Last Post: 08-13-2018 11:29 AM
    by bchaplin  Go to last post
  8. Replace a Daylight Backpack with a med cafe bag?

    Started by happig42, 08-10-2018 08:24 AM
    alec, back, backpack, bag, bottle, bottles, cafe, compact, crowds, day, daylight, fan, good, handful, huge, jack, load, long, med, messengers, nightflight, pilot, pouches, smart, summarize, sweatty, totes, water, wearing, wet
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    Last Post: 08-10-2018 11:12 AM
    by marytattoo  Go to last post
  9. Pilot's partial lining

    Started by gadgets, 08-09-2018 10:29 PM
    backside, bag, beautiful, cadet, checked, co-pilot, colorful, cost, darker, dlbc, due, front, inside, lining, linings, main, makers, partial, pilot, pilots, pocket, pockets
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 231
    Last Post: 08-10-2018 05:38 AM
    by BWeaves  Go to last post
  10. Island small zipped shop bag has arrived!!

    Started by Kendle98, 08-09-2018 12:49 PM
    • Replies: 14
    • Views: 823
    Last Post: 08-15-2018 04:53 PM
    by eliza  Go to last post
  11. Poor thread quality?

    Started by gadgets, 08-08-2018 11:50 PM
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 705
    Last Post: 08-10-2018 03:26 PM
    by gadgets  Go to last post
  12. Makers Bag Question.

    Started by eaganj346, 08-05-2018 08:42 AM
    bag, cordura, dimensions, fit, halcyon, holder, imagine, inch, john, listed, make, makers, paintbrush, piping, quality, question, stand, stated, support, tight
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 293
    Last Post: 08-06-2018 07:20 AM
    by eaganj346  Go to last post
  13. Did You Downsize from the S25 to S19?

    Started by _brianhamilton, 08-04-2018 05:13 PM
    250lbs, back, bag, bigger, compartment, downsize, downsized, excellent, flatten, full, he/him, holding, job, main, organization, outer, packed, panel, people, pocket, pockets, s19, s25, sewn, size, time, trip, two-week, weight, work
    • Replies: 14
    • Views: 990
    Last Post: 08-09-2018 07:32 PM
    by SKIMT  Go to last post
  14. List - Packing Cube Shoulder Bag

    Started by G42, 08-04-2018 02:09 PM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 165
    Last Post: 08-04-2018 02:40 PM
    by G42  Go to last post
  15. We were a walking Tom Bihn advertisement

    Started by Mrs_Wilde, 08-04-2018 06:57 AM
    a45, adult, airport, backpack, bag, bags, bihn, carried, carryon, check, colors, easyjet, experience, flyer, granddaughter, great, hosts, inside, kaleidoscope, machine, match, picture, son, stashed, taxi, thought, tom, travel, western, year
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    Last Post: 08-04-2018 06:57 AM
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  16. A little help deciding...

    Started by brennanphotoguy, 08-03-2018 06:18 AM
    amount, assume, baby, bag, bags, black, blowouts, domke, gear, gonna, great, ground, holes, lighter, necessarily, nikwax, patagonia, plenty, recoat, room, rough, scrape, shell, start, stuff, time, travel, walls, works, worried
    • Replies: 11
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    Last Post: 08-10-2018 11:04 AM
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  17. List - Small Shop Bag

    Started by G42, 08-02-2018 07:13 PM
    bag, ballistic, black, canyon, compact, date, dawn, easy, find, future, good, grass, grid, halcyon, hoping, item, list, naming, nordic, original, post, resource, search, shop, small, start, thread, ultraviolet, viridian, white
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 325
    Last Post: 08-02-2018 09:59 PM
    by moriond  Go to last post
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 471
    Last Post: 08-02-2018 11:06 AM
    by Perseffect  Go to last post
  18. Synapse 25: 15" MacBook Pro and iPad Pro 12.9

    Started by bigtruck1369, 07-31-2018 02:41 PM
    accessories, apple, bag, big, brain, cache, carry, design, guy, ipad, keyboard, low, macbook, note, open, opinions, pencil, pieces, pro, profile, safely, shoulders, smaller, solution, stashing, straps, stuff, suggest, synapse, uncomfortable
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 349
    Last Post: 08-15-2018 02:51 PM
    by suburbanexile  Go to last post
    • Replies: 15
    • Views: 875
    Last Post: 08-11-2018 09:04 PM
    by dchang0  Go to last post
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 245
    Last Post: 07-31-2018 07:32 PM
    by sarepants  Go to last post
  19. Leave no trace bag tag

    Started by daisy_belle88, 07-30-2018 03:22 AM
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 586
    Last Post: 07-30-2018 06:16 PM
    by moriond  Go to last post
  20. Maker's Bag as a messenger bag?

    Started by pott, 07-29-2018 11:32 PM
    accessories, bag, briefcase, cables, carry, carry/commute, chargers, cheers, deep/thick, deeper, design, earphones, everyday, fact, fit, folded, handle, laptop, makers, messenger, pack, perfect, pockets, proper, side, slung, small, summer, topo, work
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 395
    Last Post: 08-03-2018 06:53 PM
    by crossedbooker  Go to last post
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