Hey guys. Been a while since I've been on here after swapping an SA for an A30 to accommodate my one-bag lifestyle.

Loving my A30 so far, but in my almost-daily search for new ways to love it more, I keep wishing that the zippered dividers which separate the center compartment from the end pockets would lift the entire Dyneema flap up, rather than just extending through from the bottom end as it currently does. I find myself wanting to unzip an end pocket and slide larger items through from the "top" (in backpack mode), then straight down and through the center pocket, and perhaps even all the way to the other end. I know you can almost replicate the amount of usable space, but getting longer items through the center pocket can definitely prove difficult at times.

Any thoughts on this preference? Thanks for any help. Really been loving living out of and looking at this beautiful A30 on luggage racks.

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